Usually people take full coverage dental insurance and dental insurance as one and the same thing. They are similar but not exactly the same. There is a major difference between the two. If you are looking for a low cost dental insurance, a simple insurance will reimburse your medical bills on dental costs but it does not cover the pre existing conditions. As in any other insurance pre existing conditions are also taken into account when you opt for a dental insurance.

They will do a complete check up or physical examination to get an idea or your dental health that may include any x rays as well. This is a way to find out if anything is wrong with your teeth and you will not be covered for any condition you are suffering from. So a dental insurance does not cover any pre existing conditions.

A dental discount package is good for you if you are looking for a full coverage dental insurance. This gives you a discount every time you make a visit to your dentist, and any dental procedures involved. While this is not exactly a low cost dental insurance but it makes good sense to go for it as you save a substantial amount of money on your visits.

You can benefit out of dental discounts on each of your visit to the participating dentist and you can have the service at discounted rates. Unlike insurance this will not reimburse you the payment. You can also have a discount plan for your family. It actually depends on what you are looking for. Sometimes a simple low cost dental insurance may be more than enough and sometimes it is beneficial to opt for a discount plan. You can check out the options at your local dentist or you can have the information online as well.

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